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    Default Trading Places between CTI & CSS

    My husband & I are making our 3rd trip to CTI in Sept. and are planning on taking a Trading Places trip to CSS. Any suggestions or hints on CSS - restaurants, etc.? We LOVE CTI and are so excited to see the renovations! Thanks for the help!

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    Get a massage in one of the huts while you're at CSS!
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    Your only choices for lunch will be the snack bar , sunset beach snack bar and the lunch buffet. All are nice, it just depends what you want to eat.

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    I don't think you can get a massage while there as you have to make reservations and I think with Trading Places you can't do things that require reservations. We went to SSB and the buffet that is near the main beach, visited the mineral pool and the sauna.

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    I think you can get a massage with trading spaces but you have to pay its not included.

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    Take your camera and walk the grounds CSS is so lush and beautiful.
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    You should go to SSB
    There is nothing better at SSB
    The grill at SSB has the normal grill stuff plus a very small buffet
    We usually put our suits back on and go over to eat at the main buffet or at the beach grill. Mostly for a sun break

    We were at CSS a couple of weeks ago and did the trading places to CTI. It was a lot of fun. We had a whole group that went to TI. It was nice to see the other resort


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