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    Default January 1st through January 15th Picture Thread

    Hi All,
    We are Kevin and Becky from the UK. We are visiting CN for our trip number 17 on the above dates. We have had much success in getting to know/recognise people before our trips by posting pictures in the past so thought it was time to start another one. We have some friends from Florida joining us from the 3rd and another couple from NC coming down on the 12th. They are too multi repeaters. Hoping to make some new friends too. Looking forward to seeing all the guys and gals at CN once again (too many to mention in one thread but everyone we know there).
    See you all soon.
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    Kevin and Becky

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    57 days......Just over 8 weeks........Less than 2 months........Under 0.16 years.
    I like the small numbers.

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    51 days....Hmmmmm that was a slow 6 days. Never mind, of to South Carolina next week for the last two regular season games.

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    Default Hello

    Hey Becky and Kev,

    It's Steve and Meghan from St. Louis. We met you guys the week after Thanksgiving last year. I was wondering when you guys were returning. We head back in 9 days!

    I have to say, I will miss your amazing volleyball skills. I promise I will have a few vodka slushi for you!

    Hope all is well with you guys.

    Steve and Megs

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    Hi Steve and Meghan,
    Hope you have a great trip. Just over 4 weeks for us now. Just got back from SC to see the mighty Gamecocks play Troy and Clemson. I guess it's really just the 3 week stretch to get through then we are off work until we leave on new years day. Becky is off to NY this weekend too.
    Say hi to everyone for us.
    Kev and Becky

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    Ok then........31 days......just over 4 weeks....only 1 month.
    That was a better chunk of time off. At least we've got xmas to go as well

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    Default CN 1/2/1011 also

    We will be there also from the 2nd through the 9th with another couple (our 7th their 2nd). I'm sure we will see each other that week.

    This is a picture of all of us from last year.

    Hope to see you there!

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    Hi Mike,
    We'll see y'all on the 2nd. We actually arrive pretty late on the 1st so will still be recovering from the 10 hour flight.

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    21 days to go. Just 3 weeks....
    Look out for the 10 day picture countdown coming soon

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    Default almost time!!

    Hey Kevin & Becky, looking forward to the warm sunny weather and hanging at the pool bar! And diving of course! See you guys in a couple of weeks. Don

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    Default 3-15Jan coming soon!

    All, we look forward to seeing everybody soon. We'll be there 3-15Jan for the 4th time. Later, Don
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    Hey Don,
    We'll try and call you guys this weekend. Looking forward to it buddy.
    Hoping to see some more posts on here before we go.

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    Default Dec 28th for 14 nights

    Hi! I can hardly contain my excitement!

    Look out CN, Loafie Bear is coming back for 2 weeks of party,fun and diving!

    Looking forward to making lots of new friends!
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    Hi Loafiesmum,
    We'll be looking out for you and Loafie when we get there on the 1st

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    10 days to go.......

    Oh no this lot back together at the pool bar again !!!!!Attachment 8893

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    Hey, we can't wait to be back at CN with y'all again! We are Emily and John from nc and will be there Jan 12-19. My sister and her husband AND my brother and his girlfriend are going to be there too! We will see y'all at the pool bar!

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    9 Days to go, Be back on the dive boat soon
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    We will miss you this time unfortunately. Busy with businesses and kids. Returning maybe 2nd week in May. You will have to send some pics from this trip to get us by another 5 months (:

    Good Luck diving Kevin, and for you Becky, Have lots of drinks and pool aerobics with your lovely hats....

    Mike and Amanda

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    8 days....
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    7 Days.........
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    6 days......
    My regular dive buddy....
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    5 days left to go...Hope everyone there already had a great xmas on the beach
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    Hi Mike and Amanda,

    Hope you and all the family had a great christmas. We'll see you again soon.

    Much love

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    Hope this posts faster than the last one(s)

    5 Days to go! Looking forward to seeing all of you there, Last one at the pool bar buys the next round

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    My countdown clock says 6 days!!!!
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