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    Default Beaches at CNG and CSA after storm

    Hi - sorry it has taken so long to get these pictures posted. They were taken by CSA and CNG yesterday. As you can see, the beaches are fine at both resorts. Top shot is CSA, bottom is CNG

    Come on down.
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    Couples Resorts

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    Randy, pix make me homesick, but we are only 39 days from coming home. CAN'T WAIT!

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    Looks like there is lots of beach erosion, they are both much smaller, but I am sure a few weeks will put all the sand back.

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    Great to see and hear Ranymon. Looking forward to our first Couples stay at CSA October 24th - 31st

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    Thanks Randymon, another reason why we love Couples is that you guys communicate.

    The only problem with the beach at CN that I can see is that my wife and I aren't on it. Hope to resolve that as soon as possible.

    Glad to hear no damage and more importantly the staff(our friends ) were all okay..



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    LOL... I agree Tony! I see that problem too! 2 1/2 weeks and we will be finally be back! Can't wait!!!
    Thanks Randymon. Your communication with us on this message board is much appreciated.

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    Thank you so much for posting these, Randymon!

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    Anyone recognize the (partial) sign in the lower left of the CNG photo?

    It must be new (or new to that location, according to our photos).

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    Rudi, that sign designates the "No Boating" on one side and "No Swimming" on the other. It's near the ropes where the glass bottom boat is beached/docked.


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    Thanks Linda. We have some pictures of that area and those signs were way up off the waterline under trees.
    But they could've easily moved them or the perspective of the photo is just different and your description makes sense.

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    The pic of CSA looks like it's on the northern side of the resort where the waterline is closer to the resort. The beach gets wider as you go South. The area by the swim up bar is usually twice that big when we go.

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    Wishing we were there now,,,,,,,,,,,homesick .

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    Randymon ,

    Is the snorkle boat up and running

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    All looks the same as when we were there in March 2010!

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    Default Csa

    We're excited to head to CSA we are going in Feb. We are staying in the ocean verandah suites, any info about those rooms?

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    Ten days to go until our sixth visit to CN. Can't wait! When we were there in April, all the ponds were incredibly low due to almost drought conditions; I'm sure they're all nice and full now. Next question: Has the water sports department at CN gotten stand-up paddleboards yet?

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    Does anyone know what the timeline is for beach recovery after a storm like Nicole? From the photo, it's already looking pretty good, but narrower. Are improvements noticeable from month to month, or is that too quick. We are going in February. I am wondering how much wider the beach might be by then. I know that it's hard to predict nature(!) but past experiences with storms should allow for some estimation perhaps.

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