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    Default YS Falls Info Needed

    My husband and I will be staying at CSA in December. We are planning a day trip to YS Falls and have a couple of questions that we need answered to plan our day.

    How long will it take to get to YS Falls from CSA?

    How are the roads...are they winding and/or rough? Our daughter and son in law will be going with us and our daughter tends to get car sick.

    My husband cannot get around very well and may not be able to climb the stairs at the falls. Is there a place at the bottom of the falls for him to hang out and relax if he is unable to join us on the walk up?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    check this web site: I believe it'll help answer your questions

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    Hi Meems,

    We did Black River and YS falls on day trip last year. It was a lovely day out so you will enjoy it. It was quite a trip best part of two hours from memory, but we had a lovely driver (privately arranged) and it was good. The roads aren't too bad, a bit bumpy in places and you get a great view of the island and the home to the Jamaicans (we even passed the BIG sign pointing to where Ussain Bolts house is going to be!!!)

    The falls are fab, there is a pool and lounge area at the bottom, or if he can make it up the first ledge he could always wait for you there,while enjoying the view of the falls. We walked all the way up and it is not too bad (not like Dunns River where you are in the water) this is walking along the side with "ledges" where you can paddle and / or swim.
    Dont forget to check out the hummingbirds at the vistor centre/ gift shop. They are fascinating. Have a lovely trip!


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    JD - Thanks for the link!

    Thanks Julie - I appreciate the clarification on where the lounge area is located. We went to Dunn's River and Mayfield Falls a couple of years ago so he was concerned that the climbing would be similar. He can probably make it up to the first ledge.

    As for the roads and the length of the trip, I guess that means I will be bringing some newspaper for my daughter to use to help prevent car sickness. We learned the trick when we were coming back from Mayfield Falls and a couple of people in the van were not feeling well. One of the locals handed out a sheet of newspaper and instructed us to put it on our chest, against the skin. Let me tell works!

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