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    Default March 21, 2010 Wedding!

    We will be staying at Couples Swept Away 3/17-3/27/2010. Our wedding is on March 21st! Anyone else there that week? We can't wait!

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    i see you joined this chat in october 2010, did u mean you getting married in 2011 or 2010? we r going to be there on our honeymoon march 19th thru 26th.

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    We are getting married the very same day!!! 03/21/11 at 11am. We'll be staying 03/18/11 through 03/27/11. Congratulations to both of you guys!!! :O)

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    KL2005 we will have to hook up while we are there and have a couple cocktails. Cant wait to get there. we have some pics on our profile so you know who to look for, or to stay away from. haha

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    Sounds like fun. We arrive on the 18th. I posted a pic of us in the March Maniacs thread. Look forward to meeting you guys.

    Kristy and Angelo :O)

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    Jaybird......I looked for pics on your profile, but I don't see any. I'm probably not doing it right. Is there a secret to viewing them? :O)

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    @KLMurphy2005, when you are on our profile page on the right hand side you will see an album page click on the thing that says us, it worked for me i dont think i have it blocked by any means. Hope it works out, i also posted a picture on the March Maniacs page next to your picture.

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    Awesome, we'll be on the look out for you guys! Safe travels!!! :O)

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    We have seen your lovely photos from the March maniacs so hopefully we will be able to spot you all to say hi

    33 days to go

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    Di & Karl.......looking forward to seeing you guys. I'm so jealous you get to stay for 3 weeks!!! :O)

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