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    Default CSA Atrium Suite, Catamaran & Glass Bottom Boat Tours

    Hi there,
    We are going to CSA August 20-24th (not nearly long enough, but still nice to have a few days of relaxation). It is our first visit and we will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary!
    We were unable to take a honeymoon initially because my husband had just started a new job and had zero vacation time... by the time our 1st anniversary rolled around we were expecting our first child, and last year we weren't quite ready to leave our little boy for our long-awaited honeymoon! But this year we thought we deserved some time together after the exciting adventures of the last few years, so we are finally able to take a short but sweet escape to CSA. We can't wait!

    We upgraded to the Atrium Suite and I was wondering if anyone had stayed in one of these rooms and how they felt about it?

    Also, because we are only there for 3 full days we plan on spending most of our time on the beach and relaxing together, but we were thinking of doing the Catamaran cruise and Glass Bottom Boat tours. We were wondering what these tours entail and if you would recommend wearing swimsuits, bringing money, etc...

    Thanks a bunch!
    Miranda & Mike

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    I just got back from CSA, and your plan sounds great. The Catamaran Cruise is a lot of fun, and you should definitely wear a bathing suit. There is rum punch and beer on the boat, and it takes you out to these really cool caves. At which point, if you are good swimmers you just jump off swim to the caves, if you aren't they have different life vests and things for you to use. Really great views of Jamaica, really great views of the sunset on the way back. There is a slide on the boat to slide off ( a lot of fun). The atrium suites are really nice. I haven't done the glass bottom boat, but I would say the two things not to miss would be The Cat cruise and the Piano bar with Ultimate Chocolate. You will have a blast.
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    oh, no money needed
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    Thanks for the info! That sounds like a great time.
    I understand there is a no tipping policy at Couples however did you or others tip the people who did the cruise?
    Thanks again

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    At CSA Saturday night is lobster night. All of the restaurant serve lobster one way or another.

    On the cat cruise take a few dollars with you to tip the crew. They are not Couples employees and rely of tips to get by.

    The Atrium rooms are our favorite. Some even have a view of the beach.

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    CSA is great place you will have a fantastic time.
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    The cat cruise is really fun as Seandymon describes. It is a nice gesture on this one, however, to bring some tip money. The folks work hard and $5 or so in the tip jar is nice.

    We have done the glass bottom ride. You see some neat fish and then the shoreline back to CSA. If you want a low impact treat, this is worthwhile. No tipping here, Couples employees run it.

    Ulti in the evening is mandatory for us.

    We love the Atrium suites. We love the older section for the "feel" and really love getting away from the world, and no TV helps in that escape.

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    Thanks! That sounds like a great activity. I understand there is a no tipping policy, however did you or others tip the people doing the cruise?

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    I hand have to agree with almost everything Seandymon said. The cat cruise people are not Couples employees so we bring some cash for the tip jar.We will throw in a five or so and if Rasta Ralph is on board for entertainment, we will give more.He sells tank tops that are pretty nice and sometimes a lady will sell jewelry.We never miss the cat cruise, it is a blast!

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