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    Default Travel Insurance

    Is it better to buy insurance through each company (Couples and US Airways) separate or to go through a company like Access America to cover the whole trip? Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

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    We always book the entire trip through the airline company and buy their insurance. This way they can't fight with us on our claim. We have used the insurance on two trips. It's worth the $.

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    We always get travel insurance through the travel agent and it covers both. We get the cancel for any reason and it costs about $109 pp.

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    Default Travel Insurance

    We booked the trip through American Express Platinum Card Travel Services including Air. We are using some points. We purchased the full travel insurance, including air but it was around $250. I noticed that if you book through Couples it is about $100 less. However, we also like the idea of an "Advocate" should something go wrong.

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    We use iTravel Insured.

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