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    Default Fitness Instructor at CSA

    I noticed that someone had mentioned being the visiting fitness instructor at CSA. Do they have instructors on a regular basis? If so, we are there from the 15th of Feb til the 22nd and were wondering if one would be on-site.

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    It looks like there will be a Group Fitness and a Yoga/Pilates instructor at CSA the time period you are there. CSA asks for instructors to teach Spin for most of the cardio classes, if I remember correctly the classes are @ 9am,5pm and 5:30. If you are looking for a specific class just ask, all instructors are certified and can do a variety of formats.

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    We've been visiting Couples annually since 1998. In the past, there was always at least one guest fitness instructor and often more than one. In our last six trips to Couples (2 trips to CN in 2007, 1 trip each to CN and CSA in 2008, and 1 trip each to CN and CSS in 2009), there was not one visiting instructor. I have noticed, however, that other posters on the MB have reported that guest instructors are still at the resorts. I don't know if Couples is phasing out the visiting instructor program or if we've just happened to select weeks in which the various resorts were unable to schedule anyone.

    So will there be a guest instructor on site when you're at CSA? Maybe.
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    Wow that is unbelievable! I have never been to a resort that offers a workout facility like that - let alone spin classes. February 15th cannot come fast enough!!!!!

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    We were at CSA last December. I took a few workout classes, one step class and the other a high impact aerobics class. I can't remember what day they changed but one day during the week they changed instructors. I didn't take any spin classes but I'm sure they taught them also. Good luck during your week and enjoy your time in paradise. Have an after workout smoothie at the bar and reflect on how lucky you are to be at CSA...<smile>.

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    Default CN - Fitness Instructors

    I have been a guest instructor at Couples Negril several times. I am not sure of the other resorts, but do not that CN has a different guest instructor every week. Classes offered are water aerobics, Body Sculpt, Core/Lower Body, Kickbox, Step, beach power walk. Two to three classes are offered per day. Yoga is offered several times a week by an onsite yoga instructor.

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    Hubby and I are looking into getting spin certified and would love to teach couples spin classes at CSA when we do. How cool would that be? Sounds like fun to me. Would love to know if they still accept class instructors and what steps we need to take to make it happen.

    Kevin & Angie

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    All instructors need to have a nationally recoqnized Group fitness certification as well as a Spin Cert and must currently be teaching on a regular basis. You must have experience in variety of formats (Step, Hi/Lo, Kickbox, Body Conditioning etc.) in order to teach at CSA. I have taught there on numerous ocassions. You really don't know what type of class you will teach each day until you meet the guests. It is a wonderful way to tavel and teach, but can be very taxing on the body at three classes per day in the heat if you are not used to it.

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    How does one go about applying to be a guest instructor? Who do we contact?

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