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    Default First Timers to Wardrobe Question... CSS

    Hello all!! My husband and I along with our best friends will be coming to Jamaica for the first time in 13 days! This will be the first time in 15yrs we've been without our children/ family! We are so so excited!
    We have the bathing suits and casual clothes covered, we were just wondering how many events or occassions there are to dress up for AND how dressy are we talking? I would really appreciate any info for the ladies and guys. Thanks for taking time to help us out!
    Any other suggestions are MORE than welcome as well!

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    It is pretty casual,but we did dress for the Friday( I think it was friday)
    night international buffet which was held outside on the lawn. Other nights sundresses and capris were the standard for us.

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    You can go as fancy as you like, but nice sundresses are okay also. Some wear nice capris and tops also. The main thing to remember is there is a restaurant at each resort that requires men to wear long pants, collared shirt and closed shoes. Collared shirt can be a nice polo/golf shirt or tropical linen or rayon silk shirt. It doesn't have to be dress shirt. Pants can be kakis/docker type of pants. closed toe shoes can be loafers or Sperry Topsider "type" shoes. I picked up some similar shoes last year about this time for my hubby for $15 on clearance as Shoe Carnival. The sales are out there right now, so take advantage. Don't know if you have Kohls, but they have some spaghetti strap tops from the Lauren Conrad line on sale for about $6 and I also picked up a halter type dress last week there with a tropical print for $10. Have fun!

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    I bring a sun dress for each night, some nicer than others so I have dressy options. Hubby brings a couple pair of long pants and a nice button up shirt for each night. We wear swimsuits all day with a beach cover up, so shorts and shirts always go home not having been warn. Some year I will not overpack. Enjoy, we are headed there the first week of December, post about your trip!

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    I just take swimsuits and sundresses. That is all you need unless you go off property and then you might want a pair of shorts and t-shirt. Sundresses are all that I wear in the evening.

    We take nice shorts and Hawaiian style shirts for hubby with a pair of slacks thrown in for the 'fancy' restaurant.

    That's all you need.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I usually take rather dressy things for dinner every night. I like to wear coctail dresses which are cool and comfortable. You can wear capris with a nice top, slacks or skirts. This year I am taking only dresses.

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    I am sure you will get the same post from everyone!!
    First, you will live in your suit, except for dinner. I like to bring at least 4 suits for a week long trip. Also, I like to bring 3 or 4 suit covers. Then a cute pair of flipflops.
    Second, I dress up for every dinner while at CN. I bring a cute dress for evry dinner at least 5. I get them after christmas very cheap. I then bring one pair of cute sandles for those dresses.
    Third, I bring an outfit to wear home.
    If you are gonna do excursions then think about bringing clothes for that.
    Long pants for horseback riding.
    Swim shoes for Dunns river falls.
    capris for atv riding.
    Then maybe some sexy stuff for the evening.
    145 Days for me and hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    One Love,

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    You are all so wonderful! Thank you so much for the info. I have a feeling we are overpacked already -perhaps I will have to pare us down a bit! We do have Kohls I will have to check for those dresses. Thank you for the tip. We will post all about our trip - Have a wonderful week everyone and Thank you again! Hugs! The McGlynns - 11 days to CSS!

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