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    Default AN hottub CN - Bringing bottle of Champagne

    We absolutely love to sit in the hottub after the sun goes down with a little glass of bubbly. Do I just get DH to go right up to the swim up bar area ....(not sure what bar is open after 6pm) and just politely ask for a bottle and two glasses? Is it that easy???

    When we were in Jamaica last, at the Sandals Royal Caribbean (never again!!...that's another story)....DH had to slyly speak to someone at the bar and slip him a $10.00....he told us he could get in trouble for giving us the bottle so DH had to hide it under his shirt on our way to the hot tub.....this doesn't feel right to have to go through that to get a bottle.

    Thanks for the reply!

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    We always had our mini-fridge stocked with a bottle, so we were free to use it whenever and wherever. We also took two champagne flutes back to our room one night and used them for the duration. Just that simple.
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    Should be fine at CN. Ask fo a bottle at one of the bars, it shouldn't be a problem. Just be careful around the hot tub with all that glass!!! would hate to see the hot tub closed down for a couple of days because of broken glass.


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    Shouldn't be a problem with the bottle itself, but I would suggest grabbing a couple of plastic cups instead of the champagne flutes.

    Not quite as refined as the flutes, but it solves the potential issue with broken glass in the hot tub.

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    The cool thing about Couples is that you can walk up to a bar anytime day or night and ask for a bottle of champagne. I just love Couples!
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    We have done that as well, grabbed a bottle of Champagne and a couple of plastic cups (right, dont want broken glass at the hut tub) and headed off to the hot tub, very nice at the end of the day. Also going out to the beach with a bottle of bubbly is just as nice.. Why do the stars seem closer to you in Jamaica, Awwww..Soon come 69 days to go..

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    We bring plastic champagne flutes with us, package of 24 ro $2.99 so you do not have to worry about washing and re-using!!

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    I like the plastic flutes idea!! I will have to look for them somewhere as the season for outdoor entertaining has passed where I live. Not sure where i would get them now but i could throw some in the luggage...all great ideas. Nice to know we don't have to beg for a bottle!! Cant wait!!! 41 Days!!!!

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