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    Default CSS restaurant reservations

    This website says 2 of the restaurants at CSS require reservations and the brochure we got from Couples last month says one. Can anyone tell us which is right and which restaurants we'll need reservations for?

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    cassanove I believe only does dinner and you do have to have reservations for that. If you wait until the day of, you might not get in. Palazzina is buffett for breakfast and reservations needed. However for dinner you do need a reservation there. They put on a salad and soup buffett line thing, but the meals are served to you

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    You will reservations for dinner at Pallizino (sp)and Casanova restaurants. Breakfast and Lunch @ Pallizino (sp) does not require reservations

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    We've never had a problem getting reservations at CSS, but if they're at capacity and you wait, you may end up eating earlier or later than you like. The basic gist is even though you won't find a full house at either reservation restaurant, they only schedule a certain amount of kitchen and wait staff, and they want to ensure that you receive the impeccable service they're known for.

    Having said that, the Bella Vista, at which reservations are not required, is a very lovely restaurant with great food and service, but you may have to wait a little longer for a table or for your food if they're particularly busy.

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    Default Dinner

    As soon as you check in go to the concierge desk and make all your dinner reservations for the time you will be there. Don't wait, they fill up fast.

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    Default how far in advance

    We arrive on a Wed. Will we be able to make reservations for the restaurants when we arrive for Sat. & Sun?


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    Kathy, that shouldn't be a problem. Not sure about what time you like to eat, so the "exact" time may not be open, but they usually have something available on the day prior. You have the hardest time if you wait until the day that you want to eat there to make you reservation.

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    yes...and trust me on this one...

    Wednesday is Lobster night at the restaurants. Make reservations for Wednesday night at Cassanova. It will be one of, if not the best meal of your life.

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    Yes Kathy, the concierge desk is open every day. As I said, just do that when you check in. If there are others ahead of you, that is a good way to spend the time. You will love this place!!! And don't forget room service. Also free and great food!!!

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