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    Ok, ladies. I will be doing the on-line check-in in a few days and was wondering what size t-shirt to request. My husband will take xl,but I am considered "petite" as I'm five foot and weigh about 105. I will probably use the shirt as a cover-up, so I was thinking medium. What do you all think?


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    I too am petite (size 4) so medium would probably be fine. They rarely have size small in stock anyway. If the size isn't right, you can usually exchange it at guest services.

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    Kathy, I am smaller than you ( 5'4" and 100 lbs) - I got small and it is almost too big for me and so I think small would be fine on you.

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    Good luck on getting an XL, I have always gotten larges which are too small.

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    I am 5' and 105 lbs and got a medium. I wouldn't want it any smaller.

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    Just look at it or even try it on once you get it. It was not a problem for us to get a different size while we were there.
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    I am petite, as well. Went ahead & got a medium b/c I knew they ran small. I'd rather have it a bit bigger than too small, plus shrinkage. I usually cut mine off at the bottom a good 6/7 inches b/c every shirt I tend to get is so long on me! lol

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