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    Default Will I need a sweater?

    We are headed to CSS at the beginning of Nov. This will be our first trip to Jamaica at this time of year.(usually April)
    Will I need a sweater in the evening.


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    Not unless you feel the cold easily in air con.

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    I am also interested in this question, as I will be there midway November. Is Feather's cold because of the air conditioning?

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    We were at CN last year the week of Thanksgiving, and though usually I get cold easily, I did not need a sweater at all. I thought the evenings were very comfortable and even Otaheite was comfortable and I had kind of a halter top style of dress.

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    I find that I am cold anytime it is less than 80 degrees with a breeze, so I did pack a light sweater and found it quite comfortable in the evenings. I also found it nice to have on the plane and in the airport. If you don't get chilled easily, you will likely be fine without one though.

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    I just got back from CSA and I never used the sweater I brought. The only time you might need one is in the air conditioned restaurant(s). The outside temp is still quite warm at night.

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    I always take a sweater as the airconditioned restaurans tend to be chilly.

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    At CSA, IMHO Feathers is ALWAYS cold due to the AC. I always bring a shawl, which really does the trick. I would NOT want to be in that restaurant without a cover up....Other than that, I believe it's a general rule of thumb that sweaters/jackets aren't really needed in the open-air restaurants.

    Have a GREAT time!!

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    I always take one for at the resort and one for the plane. We were just at CSA a week ago and it was cold a few of the nights. We didn't even eat in Feathers (which is FREEZING) but I was sure happy that I brought a sweater. Every time we have gone there were nights when it was pretty chili.

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    I was at CTI last November and only needed my sweater when dining inside.

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    Default Better safe than sorry

    We have gone to Jamaica in March for the past14 years and never needed a sweater.....until last year! It was windier than usual and just cool enough in the evening that a light jacket felt good. Better safe than sorry.

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    Take a light sweater, so you have it if you need it. A lot much depends on the weather you're used to at home, and how your body reacts to temperature changes.

    We live in Myrtle Beach, SC. When friends from NY and Toronto visit in the spring, they jump right in the ocean, and I think they are nuts (in a loving way, I mean.) I'm still in my jeans and sweaters, LOL!

    So be safe. It's better than being cold.

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