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    I tried to find this answer in previous threads but probably missed it.

    We have both an early arrival and departure this year (can't wait - only 24 days!). Our departure time will mean that we will just miss normal room service. Is it possible to ask for a r/s delivery at an off time? If not, can we order something the previous evening late and enjoy it a few hours later?

    It doesn't seem like much, but otherwise we would have to grab something at the airport which we would rather not do.
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    At CTI they have some food out for the early flights. Rolls and stuff like that. If you have a very early flight, the snack bar may be open. It closes at 5 am.
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    It looks like you're staying at CN next month. All of the resorts have food available 24 hours a day. After the restaurants at CN cease serving dinner, the Beach Gril reopens at 10:30 pm, and food is available there until the Cassava Terrace (main dining room) begins to offer a continental breakfast at 5:30 am.
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