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    Default 5 years ago today....

    I married the love of my life at CN. What a perfect day it was! Hurricane Wilma was out to sea somewhere, churning up Bloody Bay and spitting up the ocean bottom on that beautiful beach but even that couldn’t put a damper on our occasion.

    We woke up that day and had breakfast, I went to get pampered at the Spa while he took a post breakfast nap on the balcony in that heavenly hammock. The wedding coordinator arrived just before 10 to see if I needed any help then led us on our way. We were married at the wedding gazebo at 10am. Pictures were immediately after with the resort photographer (which went flawlessly – the staff even did extra work ‘super cleaning’ the beach in the background from all the muck that Wilma was bringing in) resulting in stunning, memorable pictures.

    The rest of the day was a surreal blur. We went up to the bar for champagne and received congratulations from staff as well as other guests. We enjoyed a light lunch and after some time at the pool headed to our Suite (6201 I think...) to get ready for our private dinner on the beach.

    Walking out to the beach, you could hear the din of the other guests going to and fro – but it melted away as we saw the candlelit ‘walkway’ that led to our table in the sand. Candles and torches seemed to be everywhere – the beach gazebo was draped in white linen and the table was set beautifully with personalized menus for each of us, our names and the date on the inside along with our selected menu.
    Service couldn’t have been better – attentive without being intrusive, professional without being stuffy, I can’t recall spending a second thinking “Oh, I wish I could get a …” it was already there! Dinner was fabulous – Jerk Chicken on crunchy greens and fruit, Pumpkin and roasted pepper soup, Caribbean lobster with fresh veggies and that scrumptious bread pudding with fruits for dessert.

    Was the wedding storybook perfect? No. Is my marriage perfect? HA! Would I trade any of it? Not for all the money, fame and wishes in the world. I think it was so perfect for us because of our personality’s matching so well with Couples. Go with the flow, let everything take care of itself, take the time to enjoy what’s around you, and last but never least, being in love.

    As has become custom, we’ll have some reggae on tonight while we blend daiquiris and see what kind of disaster I can create with some shellfish, mango, papaya, rice and an attempted jerk appetizer. We’ll laugh over the results and dance on the patio and reminisce our version of the perfect wedding.

    Then we’ll hear the crash of something in the house that a dog’s tail knocked over which in turn will get all 4 of them barking, which in turn will wake up the baby and we’ll head inside to carry on with our life in reality. How lucky we are to have all these things and it having begun at such a magical place.

    Respect and blessings!

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    Beautiful! Congratulations on your anniversary and here's to many, many more...
    It all goes by so quickly (it will be 39 years for us Dec. 4th)

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    Default :)

    awesome post!

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    Congratulations on your anniversary! My wish is for you to have many more and each one be as special as the first. We are at 25 and counting.

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    What a great beginning! When we arrive at CTI on Oct. 30 to celebrate our 40th(Dec. 5th) we will raise at toast to may more years for you 2.

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    I love that story!! We too feel that CN is us!We went to CN first time to celebrate an anniversary and will be going back for trip #7 next year!

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