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    Default CTI - Catamaran cruise/repeaters dinner ???

    We just found out that our secrets rendezvous is CTI
    We have been to San Souci a couple of times but never to CTI so I have a few questions. What day(s) does the catamaran cruise go? What day is the repeaters dinner? Do they have a beach party night and gala dinner - if so - what nights are they on and are any other restaurants open on those nights? Thanks.

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    Catamaran cruise is Tuesday and Thursday, repeaters dinner and Beach Party are Monday and Gala is Saturday. Restaurant availability is same as CSS. Check out the activities schedule at the following link The catamaran cruise, "rum run" is a must do. Enjoy your visit to CTI!!

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    Woohoo! You will LOVE CTI!!

    The repeaters' dinner is on Monday nights. The beach party is also on Monday night. You can hit the dinner to eat then still catch the entertainment at the beach party. Saturday is the Poolside Gala and most restaurants are closed on this night. Here's the link:

    The catamaran cruise (unless it's changed) if offered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

    Have a great trip!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Cat Cruise--M. W. F, Repeaters' Dinner--M, Beach Party, M (you miss the buffet if you do the RD but the party is still going after the buffet. Gala is Friday. I don't remember the restaurants schedule. Usually there is something open on the night of the gala and Beach Party.

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    Hey Emilee,

    We just got back from CTI.

    Repeaters Dinner/Beach Party - Monday night
    Cat Cruise - Mon/Wed/Fri
    Gala - Sat night

    I think on Monday none of the other resturaunts are open, not sure about Saturday night.

    Also, with Secret Rendevouz I didn't think that Repeaters benefits were allowed, shouldn't effect the dinner though, I'm sure they'd be glad to have you.


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    The Catamaran goes out on Monday, wednesday and friday At 330. The repeters dinner and the beach gala are both on Monday and as far as i remember (just got home 3 days ago) the restaurants are closed. The repeaters dinner does not start until 7:00 pm so you could do both.

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    Hi Emilee,
    We haven't been to CTI in 2 years, but when we were there...
    I believe Catamaran was on Tuesday and Thursday
    The repeaters dinner was on Monday
    The beach party was on Saturday I believe and as far as I remember the other restaurants were not open this night.
    Sorry these aren't definates...

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    Default CTI Activities

    Attached is the CTI Activities Timetable from July 09 (picture pending moderator approval).

    The Beach Party and Repeaters Dinner are on Monday and that Gala is on Saturday.

    Good luck,

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