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    Default Just booked son's wedding - Aug 2011

    We just booked our trip for August 3011 (july 30th - Aug 6th) for my son's wedding on the 3rd of August!!!!! It should be about 20 of us!! Who else will be joining us???? First drink is on me!!

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    Default See there

    We'll be there Aug. 3-10, 2011. It's our 4th time to CSA. We've never considered another resort. When you find the best, you can stop looking (like when you find the right mate).

    Congrats on your son's upcoming wedding! It will be wonderful, because everything at CSA is!

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    It is a wonderful place, it will be my third trip there! My other half and I were there this past July and we're booked for July 2011 and three later on July 30th!!! CSA twice in one month!!! How much better can it be?????

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    8/3 - 8/10.. My husband and I's first vacation and we chose CSA! Congrats on the wedding. I hope everything is as they dreamed it would be. Best of Luck

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