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    DH and I are going to CN in March, 2011 and are planning on doing a private dinner on the beach. I am going to book it in advance but had a question...

    How does it work? Do you just go to the beach and someone tells you where to go? Does someone pick you up at your room? Just curious as to how you know where to go and when.

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    I was going to be a smarty pants and say - you just wander aimlessly around the resort and down on the beach until someone takes pity on you and throws you a meat pie and a map. But decided that was not very nice.

    The truth is that you are given a day and a time and told where on the beach you will be. Normally you can find it with ease, it is on the right side of the beach if you are looking out at the water past Heliconia. There is a table set up, candles, torches, the whole nine yards, very nice. You can also have dinner in the treehouse if you like.

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    How do you arrange for a private dinner on the beach like this?

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    Default CN Dinner on the Beach

    Hi! I was at couples negril in May 2010 and my husband and I enjoyed dinner on the beach for our wedding dinner. It was really nice- a personal waiter comes to your room at a pre-determined time that you set up and they take you to a nice secluded spot on the beach- due to the mosquiotoes at night- I decided to choose the tiki hut-- it was lined with candles and they had music playing. When you sign up- they will give you a choice of 2 dinners-- you both will have to have the same one. it comes with appetizer,soup, entree and dessert and drinks from the Lychee restaurant bar(unlimited of course) Everything was delicious-- you will really enjoy!

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    We did ours in the tree house and it was amazing! We didn't have anyone walking past and it was much more secluded than the beach. The flowing white curtains and the soft music made the experience that much better! Just contact the resort either by e-mail or upon check in to get it set up. It is well worth it!

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