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    Default First Timer at CTI - Nov 21-28

    My husband and are will be at CTI from November 21-28. This will be our first trip to a Couples Resort and we are so excited! Just a couple of questions for you regulars!

    - Are there hammocks available at the resort? It has been a long time since my husband and I have been away from our daughter, so would love to curl up in a hammock and relax!

    - The horseback riding that is included - where do you ride? Do you go into the ocean at all? How many times are you able to go riding? Is it just once per stay?

    Thanks for your feedback! Any other suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated!


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    I can't answer the horseback riding question as I didn't do that while I was there... but in regards to hammocks, the only one I found on the resort when I was there last November was on the au natural island, it's on the very west end of the island passed the pool and sort of tucked in between the bushes and pool. The hammocks leave interesting patterns on your body, so we only used it for a short while.

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    The horseback riding does not take you in the ocean. It is more of a long, slow nature ride. You will want to wear light pants or capris.

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