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    We just returned from a ten night stay at CSA. As usual it was fantastic. The Anniversary Party this year , we thought was the best ever. It was great talking to the terrific staff during our stay. We got to know them so well. We truly believe the staff makes the place. It is amazing to see how hard they work, and have such great attitudes. The work that the staff did during and after the last storm was incredible. It was their hard work that made the resort close to being back to normal after the terrible storm. We were thinking of this and hoping there was some way management could pull it off. We would love to see the staff being able to have a day at the resort from a guest perspective. Have them be pampered as they do to us. Perhaps it could be an employee of the week or a birthday celebration or something such as that. It would be great if they could bring their significant other to join them for the day. Any thoughts?

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    It is such a fabulous idea. A hotel in cuba we have stayed at few times does, or did, something similar. (We are canadian, so can travel to cuba)
    Once on year, I think it was around the workers birthday, they could spend the evening at the hotel as a guest, and bring one person with them. They were treated to dinner at an a la carte, and the entertainment staff introduced them and their family member at the nightly show. We loved it!!

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    Certainly a great idea. Employee recognition is one of the most powerful tools that management has to create a "one of the best places to work". While I don't know what recognition programs are in place within Couples, I do know that the employees always project that it is in-fact one of the best places to work. So I suspect that there are some positive recognition programs already in place. But I do think that is a cool idea.
    Looking forward to seeing more really happy employees at CSS in 30 days, 22 hours...

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    In the past the winner of the "Employee Of The Year", which is at least partially based on guests' comment cards, was given a free trip with one guest to a resort (usually one of 2 offered).

    Sure, the other resorts were not Couples, but they were able to be pampered and didn't experience any possible awkwardness of relaxing on vacation around people they work with every day. I'm unsure if this program is still in place.

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    I forget the exact details, how they qualify, etc, but I was told a few weeks ago when I was down there that full time employees are occasionally given a weekend that they can go to a Couples resort of their choosing with someone and be a guest there. I forget if it is part of their vacation package they can do every X years, or if it's earned from the comment cards or what. It sounded like something that happens more frequently than like an employee of the year thing.

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    Great ideas!! I often feel bad when being waited on, like I want those who wait on us to be waited on also. So I think its a great idea!!!

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    I was not aware tht the staff were given these opportunities to get to experience that we so love! Thanks for sharing.

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