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    Default Weather next week

    My husband and I arrive at CSS Thursday and the weather forecast is not looking good. It shows a 60% chance of rain everyday!!
    Has anybody ever had it actually rain everyday they are there?!?!

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    Stop looking at the weather reports, we've made 15 trips to Jamaica and I learned that a long time ago. I used to look and look at the weather as a way of feeling "connected" or something, it really only depressed me because it predicted rain every day yet when we got there we always had beautiful weather. I gave up my weather checking habit years ago. If you do have rain it will be a short shower in the afternoon, it will still be warm and many people choose to remain outside. Otherwise go sit on your balcony or take a nap or whatever but stop fretting the weather. We've never had rain everyday in 15 trips and it won't be all day even if it does rain everyday.

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