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    Default CN Review - 10/03-09/10

    Taken me longer than I wanted, but I finally have a few minutes to type out our review.

    My husband and I traveled to Jamaica, for the first time, 10/03/10 and stayed at CN 7 nights. All I can say is it was AMAZING!! We had such a wonderful time and everything was fantastic!

    Room and Grounds
    We stayed in Block 2 in one of the Garden Deluxe Rooms. I had orginally wanted at least a Garden Suite, and while I'm sure they are lovely and we might splurge for one in the future, there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with our room. It was plenty large enough and while, yes, not the most updated or "nicest" place we've ever stayed, we both knew what to expect and were completely satisfied with our room choice. The garden views were actually nice and spent several mornings and evenings on our balcony. The ladies who do the cleaning and turn down service were great, never had issues with the room not being cleaned in a timely fashion, and we really appreciated the fact that we could choose to not have our sheets and all towels changed on a daily basis if we didn't want to and wanted to be a little more eco-friendly on our trip. The only "problem" we ever ran into was a couple of times the mini-bar stocking was not filled completely, but I mean, that's nothing and like so many have already said, the bars are all but a few steps away and you can get a drink at essentially any time of the day! The grounds were SO pretty and we really apprecaited the fact that the beaches and sandy areas in the resort area itself were cleaned and raked daily. Those poor guys-we came in after they were still trying to get the beaches and other grounds areas cleaned up after Nicole decided to come through.

    Staff is really great! Every single staff member we came across was always very friendly, wanting to get you involved if you went to an activity, and very helpful! Shout outs to Carlos and Angelica!!!

    Food and Drinks
    We had some good and bad of both, but those "bads" were more of personal preference and just not knowing. We were able to eat at Otaheite twice and both times were phenomenal!! We did enjoy a daily patty(hehe!) and jerk chicken, as well as the Jamaican buffet the Cassava Terrace put on one night. Only thing though, do they sort of "dumb-down" the spiciness of jerk sauces, etc...? Not to say it wasn't all good, we were just expecting a little more heat, especially with being IN Jamaica. Continental breakfast was great and a nice thing to have a couple of the mornings! Highly recommend it! We really loved the fact that the Cassava Terrace lunch buffets always had a great stock of fresh veggies and fruits! We didn't want to gain 10 lbs each and we were able to still eat as healthy as we wanted to, even from a buffet! The Wine and Cheese party and the Chocolate Fondue party were also something fun and different to do before dinner! We especially enjoyed getting to sit around the piano, try different wines, and talk with other couples! We really appreciated the fact that there are plenty of option for people who do not imbibe! Only thing we didn't know going in, is that when you order a straight pina colada, there is no rum in it. You have to order your drink and tell them you want "###" rum in it. Anyone else ever been aware of this? Wine drinkers, no, the house wines aren't fantastic but they aren't undrinkable. And if you're really hard up or just a "snob" (jk!) there is a manager's wine list available where you can order some nicer wines, albiet overpriced but you're at a resort, which you will have to pay for/not included in the "all-inclusive".

    Everything Else
    We LOVED the beach AND the pool and had a hard time deciding where to go each day! Obviously we, much less Couples, couldn't control the weather so it was a little disapointing, just because it was our first time there, that because of the earlier storms the beach and the water were not as clear, calm, and pristine as we'd expected, BUT, it was still fantastic! Plenty of shade areas if you can't grab one of the few huts, lots of hammocks, and the water floaties/chair cushions are great! Pool and pool bar was such a FUN time and plenty of hours every day were spent there. Exercise classes avilable while wer were there were great and the visiting instructor, can't remember her name, was really great, too! We didn't actually take part in many of the other inclusions because we just got too busy relaxing, plain and simple! Our motto of the week was "Next Time" and there will definitely be a next time! We miss it SO much, already, and aren't going to let go! I even went to the store and stocked up on bar needs to have a Miami Vice when I'm just REALLY missing CN!

    We definitely recommend CN and Couples! We really had the BEST vacation we've ever had and this review doesn't even begin to do everything about it justice, but I've got dinner to cook! lol!

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    It's so great to hear everyone's reviews. How can you not have a fantastic time at CN??? We loved it last year and are only 21 days away for this year.....come on November 10th

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    Great review. Glad you enjoyed your trip and your attitude is wonderful about the situation that couldn't be helped...everyone can enjoy their vacation if they look at the good and focus on how much you enjoy that. Welcome to the Couples family.

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    One thing I can say though, is, even when it's raining, it doesn't matter because you're either in the pool or the ocean, and you're wet already. So it's one of those laughable situations. CN is magnificent!!

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    Custer, we'll be going to CN on NOvember 10th also! Maybe we'll end up in the same shuttle to the resort. I'm not sure about our times, but I think it's somewhere around 12:30-1:00pm. Hope to see you there!

    Trish and Jack

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    Oh, your review makes me want to be there now! I'm telling you- you won't be able to get the place out of your head. But isn't that great?

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    Trish; we are arriving from Alberta via Toronto. I believe our flight gets in at 1 or 1:30. This is our second trip and this time our oldest friends are coming along for the great adventure. Maybe we will see you at the Couples lounge in the airport.

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