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    Default How Much Money to Bring to CSA?

    We are going on our honeymoon next month and neither of us has been to an all-inclusive resort before. So we are unsure on how much money to take.

    I realize that most everything is included in our package, but I know we'll be interested in taking a boat to Rick's Cafe, maybe parasailing, going to YS Falls, etc. So how much do you think we need to bring?

    With this in mind, is it true that we shouldn't tip the waitstaff? I know we don't have to, but can we if we are happy with the service?


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    Most people say $300 is about right for a week. Make sure you have small bills (1's and 5's) but you don't have to bring a huge stack because there is an exchange desk at the CSA lobby where you can break larger bills.

    You'll need cash for: tipping the airport porters, tipping the shuttle drivers, tipping the beach musicians, tipping the divers at Rick's, tipping the catamaran crew, buying trinkets on or off resort. That's really about it. Couples employees are not allowed to accept tips.

    I don't think there is a boat to Rick's but CSA has a daily shuttle for $15 a person. You can pay with your credit card.

    You can also use a credit card to book your tours. Keep in mind that most banks charge a small fee for foreign transactions. It's not much and I'd rather pay it than carry cash.

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    I use my amex for anything charged to the room, and I try to charge everything so I can just pay in one chunk.

    That being said, we tend to bring about $300 just in case, but end up bringing at least $100 home. Usually spend about $100 in cash, and $100 traveling (rum creme, lunches, diet coke, etc)

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    We bring around $300.

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    Thank you again AsTheCrowsFly! All valuable tips!

    How many times have you been to CSA?

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    I might just ad that I tip after the couples massage at the Spa they are not Couples employees. By the way that is a great 1/2 hour to spend !!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by AP View Post
    Thank you again AsTheCrowsFly! All valuable tips!

    How many times have you been to CSA?
    Just far.

    You'll love the all-inclusive experience. It's so nice not to have to shell money out all the time or worry about whether you should get dessert. Try everything, it's all covered.

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    Default departure fee?

    Does Jamaica have departure fee?

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