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    Default CN - Mesha's Baby ???

    Does anyone know whether Mesha (one of the bartenders at CN) has had her baby yet? She is due any day now. We will not be back "home" until March and had so hoped to see a picture of her fully pregnant She has been a good friend of ours for 7 years and we are SO happy about her new addition. Can't wait to return in March.

    Any news would be appreciated.

    Karen & Ken

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    We were just at CN last week. Spoke with Floy who was working the AN bar. (Great job, Floy!!) She said Meesha's baby is due in December. Meesha is off as she was having problems with swelling of her legs & feet. Other than that, Floy said Meesha is doing well and excited for the baby to be born.
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    Default Thanks

    Thank you so much for the update on Mesha. We'll try to call her this weekend to find out how she's doing.

    We look forward to seeing her and her new baby in March.

    Karen & Ken

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