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    Default Lobster "shack" up the beach from CN?

    Tried to search for info, but couldn't find it. Which of the two lobster places up the beach from CN is the original one? I hear there's a second one but someone said to go to the original one...just not sure if it's the first one or second one you come to as you're walking up the beach. And what is the name of it? Thanks! 15 days and counting!! WOO HOO!

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    Walking from your room to the beach, turn right and start walking. The "shack" you are looking for is called "The Office of Nature". The confusing thing is that both places that you refer to call themselves "The Office of Nature". The folks who have been doing it longer will be at the second one.
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    The "original" Office of Nature is the second one. The first Office of Nature that you will come to is where the "original" one was, however the land owner decided to build a bar/food stand on that site. And he choose to call it the Office of Nature. That is when the original guys moved further down the beach were the lobster is wonderful and the Red Stripes are very cold.

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    You will find a wood sign on the edge of the beach that says "Office of Nature". That's NOT the real one. Continue walking up the beach a bit. You will find a place that uses sticks to hold up blue tarps, and used boards for the bar and seating. If I recall, "Original Office of Nature" is painted on the front of the bar. THAT is the real one. We will be heading back there 4/2011.

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    Reading this post reminded me of a pretty funny story about the "Office of Nature".
    On our trip to CN in '06, we made friends with a few couples one late afternoon at the pool bar. They mentioned how they were going to check out the "Office of Nature" for lobster the next day and asked us if we wanted to join them. We took a pass (I think we were going in to Negril or something) but told them we would see them at the pool bar after they go and they could let us know how it was. Well they went and 5 out of 6 of them made it to the pool bar the next day. They raved about how good the lobster was and all of the other tasty food that was served with it. The 5 of them were quite full and turned down the "brownie" desert that they were offered. One guy didn't. He went back to the room and the others (and us) were having quite a laugh as they explained how "stoned" he was. We saw them all the next day again and he was laughing about it too.
    Great lobster & seafood but, watch out for the brownies.

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    Second one is the real thing. Gritty is the chef and alot of his friends there to make your meal memorable. Be sure to take drinks along with you as most days they have none. We take along alot of extra drinks that they really appreciate sharing with them. We will be there again in 15 days. look for Stinkweed, Builder Bob and Cookie. Can't wait Mon!

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    Thanks for the warning, rjammin!! What a riot! And thanks everyone for reminding me of the mentalpausal brain couldn't remember it to save my life!! lol I THOUGHT it was the second one...again, my brain has deserted me!

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    Default Old & new Office of Nature...

    This is the new/first one that you will come to...
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    This is the original/second one which is a little further up the beach...
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    "Just Me"... Joe D.

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    A classic you tube vid on the office of nature...few years old, but a couple of these fellas are still there
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    Default lobster shack?

    We walked for a short distance in this direction and did not notice a lobster shack. I thought the properties in that direction were all hotels and resorts?

    Will anyone who has been there please give a complete description?

    Thank you

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    Default cost of lobster

    the nature place on the beach sounds really cool. What do they charge for the lobster there??is it open lunch time? thanks we leave for cn in 5 days!!! chippiesue
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    Timnlisa, Keep walking till you come upon blue tarps and a few picnic tables. Cost is $20 per person. Best lobster ever!

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    We were just there the first week of Nov. There is also a small Island called Booby Cay (they also call it Gilligans Isle)about a 15 minute canoe ride from CN. We were surprised to see how many people were on the island from other resorts getting lobster and Redstripes. We just went to check out the Island and didnt bring any money.Hell we didnt think anyone would be on it ! But of course they did offer to bring it to the resort for us and pay them there. They would have given us a ride back also . But there was really no pressure.

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    I see this post is how to get there from CN. How about CSA? is it close to there too, or is it a long walk?

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