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    Dirty Banana with lead in the pencil, no doubt!

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    definitely pina coladas with the extra rum shot on top. mmmmmm

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    Come again and Mohitos (they make the best I ever had)

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    I liked Dirty Bananas but also ask the bartender to make their specialty drink. Michelle in the aura lounge at CSA had a different specialty just about every time I got a drink from her. It was nice to try things I would never have thought of.

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    Default Yellow Bird

    It's not a trip to Jamaica without a Yellow Bird.

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    These all sound great, but what is a snake eye? That one sounds a little scary?

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    Here's another vote for Absolut and Ting!!!

    Nothing better than an A & T while baskin' in da Jamaican sun, mon!

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    Purple Rain, it's like drinking grape kool aid!

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    Francine at the Au Natural pool makes the BEST Mango Daiquiries. One day she ran out of mango juice from the drinks popularity. No problem mon...we switched to Pineapple Daiquries!!!!!

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    We loved in this year at CSa when one of the bar tenders came round with a tray of assorted drinks...we never chose the Cokes!

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    Back in 2007 one of the swim up bar bartenders at CSA, named Cardo, made up his own drink. He wanted a name for it. Told us if we came up with a name, drinks were on the house for the rest of our stay He made it so fast I swore he was just throwing in whatever was close. Sure enough he duplicated it perfectly. My wife with the help of two of these fine drinks came up with the name, the Triple C (Cardo's coconut candy). Doubt it made the menu, but hope he is still there when we return in three weeks!

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    Husker- Cardo was at the martini bar each night when we were there early Oct.

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    Purple Rain. Except in the morning, I like a Purple Drizzle (light on the booze).

    Husband likes BBC in morning, BBR in afternoon. Or just BR all day!

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    Yes, Cardo was in the Martini bar last time we were there. Hope he's still there next year!

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    Miami Vice or Snake Eye....Hard Choice though

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    Just got back from CSA and yes Cardo is still at the martini bar. Next time your there try one of their bob marley shots.... wow is all I have to say...

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    Jamaica Smile - says it all right there.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Franklyn at CN is an outstanding bartender! There's a shot called a Dirty Slut...fruity drink...but he made those for my wife for the better part of the day at the pool bar...that would be her favorite...for that day...everyone must have a Bob Marley...and pretty much anything with Appletons

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    Definately the Hummingbird and Dirty Banana. Love them!

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    Love the Miami Vice with a shot of dark rum floated on top.

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    Lychee make a fantastic lychee martini. I've had other places, even at other couples resorts but it is not the same
    Felicia and Josh
    Couples Negril Oct. '08
    Couples TI Nov. '09
    CTI and CSS Nov/Dec '10

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    do you happen to know if they serve diet ting? I know i'll be trying a lot of the drinks suggested here but in between was thinking of vodka and diet ting to cut back on having tons of sugar. And do they have the different top shelf vodkas like grey goose, absolute etc?

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