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    Default Question for those who have done the 'love letter'

    Hi there!!
    We will be at CTI in 15 days and I'm thinking of doing a love letter. I was wondering how it all works exactly.....Is there still time for me to pull this off or is 2 weeks away too late? I was going to have it read to him right before we head to our private dinner (which my husband knows nothing about) How does it all work......if someone calls him to read it, do they explain who they are first and what they are doing?? I would hate for him to think it was a prank and hang up!! Is there a charge for the letter to be read? If anyone has done one of these and can help me figure it all out, that would be great!! Thanks!!

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    All you do is send Randymon exactly what you would like him to read to your significant other and a good time for him to call. Then he personally makes the call and surprises your love!! I did it last yr before our anniversary and my fiance' was super surprised and loved it!!
    Randymon explains everything, so it's not like a random crazy caller... lol don't worry!!

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    It is easy, Randy does a great job at it. My wife had him call me before a trip. It was a real surprise because, first my wife had planed ahead, and I talked to Randy. It is something I will always remember.
    Irie Mon

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