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Thread: CSS vs CTI?

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    Default CSS vs CTI?

    My wife and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in early December and are committed to going to Jamaica for the first time. We HAD made reservations to stay at Breezes Runaway Bay but saw a lot of recent negative reviews (especially about the poor quality of food and uncomfortable rooms) on TA that gave us cold feet about it and as a result, we have now steered and narrowed our search towards either CSS or CTI. We are both curious about the whole AN thing and from what we've read on the AN thread, we think we may be willing to give it a try at SSB. However the rooms, restaurants, and overall facilities appear to be nicer at CTI from the photos and videos we've seen. I don't think we'd be brave enough to go over to the isle at CTI, but perhaps would warm-up to the AN experience over at SSB. We are both major "foodies" so best eats are very important to us as well.

    Sooo,...those of you who have visited both resorts, what would you have to say to us as 54 yr-old first-timers?

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    We went to CSS twice last year, we loved it so much! It is one of the most beautiful and romantic resorts in Jamaica. Also, SSB is by far the best place for "first timers" to an au naturel beach. We went to CTI for a day, but didn't like the "hotel" feel of it, we much prefer the beauty of CSS. If you'd like, send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you lots of information about CSS and SSB, as well as some pictures!

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    Depends on what you are looking for. Food and atmosphere at CSS was wonderful. I have not been to CTI, but cant imagine it being better than CSS. CSS is a magical place. I have NEVER seen my wife so relaxed

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    Glad to see you are considering Couples.

    I have only stayed at CTI (twice) did a day pass to CSS. 1st time to CTI was in 2005 prior to the upgrade,2nd trip was this past May. CSS did look like it needed an update, comparing to the new look CTI...I think either resort would meet your wise, A/N wise,off-site trips wise,etc...As far as the A/N experince both have areas where you can get comfortable by yourselves...SSB has food cooked right there, TI they bring food will meet the best of people in the A/N areas. Give it a try early in your stay.

    You have a tough choice...but a very good one to have.

    Also be prepared to be treated like King & Queen.

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    I can't comment on the AN aspect of either resort, however we just returned from our 4th stay at CTI last week and while we were there we went over to visit CSS for the day. Hands down, CTI was our favorite still. I know most people say the first one you go to is the one you will love the best and that may be the case, but we were not thrilled with how spread out everything was at CSS and hated all the steps, they were quite a workout and we are in pretty good shape. There are tons and tons of steps! Also, the food wasn't nearly as good at CSS as it was at CTI and we felt the staff was not nearly as wonderful as those at CTI. In fact, when we were dropped off of the bus at CSS, we were basically ignored by everyone there and had to figure things out on our own and I just can't see that happening at CTI. The same happened at several areas of the resort. With that being said, another person on our bus asked to see a room at CSS and said it was beautiful, but I didn't see it. We just did not like the steps and how spread out everything was. I think you would love CTI and you don't have to be any more brave to go to the island than you would need to be at SSB, I would think. We met a couple (also celebrating their 25th)who tried the island at CTI and loved it and went every day! Enjoy where ever you end up, you can't go wrong with Couples! Happy Anniversary!

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    Budley, don't let the pictures and videos fool you. CSS is first class. Two totally different resorts. SSB is perfect for that first AN experience. You can be by yourselves or mengle with people if you choose. As far as the food, it is exceptional. The presentation and quality are excellent. The choices from the menu are well balanced between fish, meat, or veggies. They also have daily specials at each restuarant. You will not regret selecting CSS for you anniversary celebration.
    "Once you know"

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    First of all congrats on your 25th anniversary!. You certainly made the right decision by choosing Couples resorts. We have been to both resorts numerous times and you can't go wrong with either.
    By many CSS is considered the most romantic resort in the world and in your situation that is the resort I would choose for many many reasons

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    We have been to CSS twice, and our third is 50 days away (still to long). When I booked our first trip a few years ago, I was leaning towards CTI due to some of the inclusion (the catermaran cruise, which is not at CSS), but CTI was under renovations, and we had to book CSS. Now, I am really glad we did. We LOVE CSS. CTI is beautiful, but to us it is more "hotel" like, where we feel that CSS is more "villa" like. We have not seen the rooms at CTI, but I am sure they are gorgeous. However, so are the rooms at CSS. They are very comfortable, clean, and usually quite spacious. All the rooms at CSS are suites. The grounds at CSS are very lush and beautiful. The food to is excellent. We have found very little we were not thrilled with. When we were over to CTI for the Trading Places, we only tried the buffet. It was good, but I didn't think it was any better than the food we get at CSS. The service at both resorts is some of the best. I can't tell you which one to go to, because what we like may be differnt than what you are looking for, all I can say is I am really glad we ended up at CSS rather than CTI.

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    CTI & CSS are two completely different resorts.

    CTI is like a high-rise hotel and extremely compact.

    CSS is spread out over (I think) 30+ acres with lush gardens everywhere.

    I think the beach might be a bit bigger at CTI, but at CSS you have two beaches.

    We prefer SSB to the Island. There is a lot more space at SSB and the pool is much larger. You can actually take a floatie in the pool at SSB. At SSB they bring over an incredible spread of food, plus there is the grill where you can get a burger, fries, patty. Lots more choices.

    At SSB there is an actual beach to stick your toes in the sand with a drink in your hand. (Sorry, had to.) We missed a beach at CTI.

    The week we were at CTI the Island was a little on the crazy side while SSB was more reserved, still friendly, but reserved.

    The activities crew come over to SSB to play games twice a day. That was really fun.

    I think the food at each resort is comparable.

    The pathways at CSS are fabulous with private little nooks and crannies all over the resort. We spent an afternoon exploring the resort and swimming in all of the pools and taking a soak in all of the hot tubs and stopping to get a drink at all of the bars. It really was a fun and memorable afternoon.

    You can't go wrong with either one.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I forgot to say that CSS has an incredible Friday Night Gala with an awesome spread of food and fabulous entertainment. We really enjoyed it.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    How long are you going for? Long enough for a split between the two? That's another option if you can't decide. That's what we're doing this Dec/Jan... a week at each

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    We will only have one week, Sat. Dec.4- Sat. Dec.11.

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    Budley, that is the exact days we will be at CSS (only 46 more days to go). Check out the threads on the specific resorts, each usually has a thread for the months started by someone. I am not sure if we are doing the Trading places this year. We did last year, and had fun, but we like CSS best of the two (don't like the "hotel" feel of CTI). Maybe we'll see you there.

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    The only way I can answer this question is to go were you heart tells you to go.

    We have been at both and like CTI better, but other say they like CSS better than CTI. Both are great, it is just what you are looking for and what your needs are.

    In my option:
    Best private AN area, (good for the first time): CTI (We love CTI because no locals can see you)
    Best Food: Both about the same except AN area, CSS serves better food.
    Room Service for dinner and lunch: Only CSS
    Most things to do: CTI
    Most (lots and lots) stairs: CSS
    Easy walking: CTI
    Most private: CTI
    More spread out: CSS
    Best Staff: CTI

    Read and look at pictures, your heart will tell you. Welcome to the Couples Family.
    Irie Mon

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