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    Default We booked CSA June 2011

    We will be traveling to CSA June 22-29th. Can anyone tell us what to expect? Are all the restaurants still open in the summer? I know we will miss Lobster season by a couple of days and I am sick over that. Anyone else traveling to CSA those days. We are so excited about this trip after over a year of contemplating whether to book or not. We chose the Atrium Suite . I figured that was a sure way of getting my hubby to listen to me when I am yapping non stop. Especially since the Atrium Suites do not have a!
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    We were there during those same dates this year (June 21-July 1). We also stayed in an Atrium Suite. We loved the room. Thought it was perfect for us. All the restaurants were open. It was our first time there, but it seemed everything was up and running. There was definitely not a shortage of activities or food. We did experience some of the afternoon rain a few of the days, but overall the weather was great. As for the time of year... the sun seemed dangerous. I love in northern NY, so the angle of the sun, latitude, etc (all that kind of stuff) is a lot different than what I'm familiar with. But, the sun was intense for us, stronger than up here. That's expected though, I guess.

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    Your going to love CSA, we went for the first time last year and loved every minute of our trip. We started planning our trip for this year on the bus ride back to the airport, ( we'll be there June 8-16th.) We also stayed in an atrium it was just like the pictures, only now we get a mini bar!!!!

    Everything was open, food was great, weather fantasic, And the people out of this world.

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    We were at CSA last Feb. If you find anybody who doesn't like this resort, there's just something wrong with them! LOL! You will have a wonderful time. Our photo album and rather long review is here:

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    Wow! Thanks so much for your experiences. Can't wait!

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