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    Default jus-talk cards at csa?

    We were there last year and they worked great.Do they still have them at csa gift shop? If no. why not Randy.

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    From recent accounts they are available. I think on occasion they sell out, but not often. For those that are not familiar with them, remember you have to ask for them at the counter as they are not out on display. We have used the "Jus-Talk" cards on all of our four previous trips to CSA for calling home. They are easy and a very reasonable way to call home back to the States.

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    How do they work? Do you use the phone in your room? How much do they cost per minute?
    Irie Mon

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    You purchase the cards at the gift shop, I think $10 will get a 30 minute card, $20 gets a 60 minute card. Somewhere around there anyway. The card will have a code number that you will use to make the call from your room. You simply call the hotel operator and ask to make a "jus-talk" call. You will be connected to an electronic operator and you will enter your code. They will tell you how much time you have left and you dial your number. Boom, you are there. Couples will charge a connection fee, a couple of dollars per call I think, that will be on your bill at check out. The foks at the gift shop will be happy to go over the instructions for using the cards. It is very easy.

    All in all it seems to be one of the easiest and most economical ways to call home. Like I said, we have used them on all our trips and will again next June.

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