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    Here's my simple beach dress so I can be barefoot and the man can wear shorts.. I know shorts but he will not wear pants!!! The best part is I only spent 400 dollars.. cant beat that

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    Dana71 - beautiful dress

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    thought we need to get this post going again!! :O)))

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    Name:  7357_primary.jpg
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Size:  14.7 KBI'm not as pretty as this model, but I try really hard.

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    Here's mine -- casual, comfortable and sexy! I love it. : )

    Name:  crosswht5.jpg
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    Name:  crosswht2.jpg
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    Default My dress

    Here is my dress, I am picking it up today after work from being altered! I am SO excited! Getting married 3/22/12 CTI, soooo close!!
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    Love the dress Cypris. Very beachy and the back is great! I know I don't have the bust for it! But if you got it use it LOL! I'm sure it'll look great for your Jamaican wedding.

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    Name:  wedding dress.jpg
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    I ordered this bridesmaids dress but in white. It's gorgeous! Perfect for the beach.

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    OMG, so pretty!

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    Here is my dress. I love it! It's very unique. Just a week and I get to wear it

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    very very beautiful perfect for an island wedding

    Quote Originally Posted by lstapp View Post
    Here is my dress. I love it! It's very unique. Just a week and I get to wear it

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    Here is a pic of mine on a model. 19 days to go!!!Name:  IMG_9780.jpg
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    Dana71-- I Love it! I should have gone shorter with mine. Beautiful dress!
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    Default Dress

    Name:  long wedding dress.jpg
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    This is for a vow renewal in June. It is longer than in the picture.


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    This is the one I finally ended up with for the ceremony:

    Name:  211190-chiffon-dress-by-destinations-by-mon-cherialt1.jpg
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    And the back:

    Name:  211190-chiffon-dress-by-destinations-by-mon-cheri.jpg
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    Name:  DSC04800small.jpg
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Size:  32.7 KBName:  DSC04806small.jpg
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    I found this "recycled" dress for a complete steal of a price. These are the photos my little sister took of me wearing it the only time I've tried it on! I'll put it on once more for a final fitting about a month before our wedding on January 7th, 2013. And finally, I'll slip into it at Couples Tower Isle for our wedding!

    It's an ivory Swarovski-crystal-and-pearl-beaded-lace designer dress, and from under it's front hemline, my little perfectly matching ballet flats peek out ever-so-slightly. It's so simple, but it's everything I could have imagined in a wedding dress, and I've never felt more beautiful!

    It absolutely glimmers. I constantly daydream about my fiance's expression as I approch him on the day we vow to love each other forever.

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    Not a very good picture, but this is just a picture I took in the mirror when I received my dress. This was ordered online and has not had any alterations done to it! I'm hoping to lose a few pounds before the wedding (which isn't until 8/31/13), but I really like the simplicity of this dress! I'm not a fancy, flashy girl and I think this is perfect for my wedding on the beach!!
    Name:  Dress.jpg
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    Becky & Daniel

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    Wow ! All of these dresses are beautiful! My vow renewal is next Thursday and I am super excited !!! So I will have pics to show of my dress then. Right now I have it hiding the the hall closet. My husband as no idea what it looks like or where it is for the matter lol.... I have already tried to fold it and put it in my carry on.. And guess what...... it fits !!!!! CN here we come. Please come back to see my dress.. And congrats ladies !!!

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    Here's is mine. It's a bridesmaids dress. Picture it in all ivory.

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    I just ordered my dress for our April 22, 2013 wedding at CSA. I can't wait until it comes in!
    Name:  Dress.jpg
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Size:  25.3 KBName:  Backofdress.jpg
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    Well, I ended up getting a totally different dress than the one that I posted Here it is! I'm so excited now! I like it sooooo much better.

    Name:  dress2.jpg
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Size:  17.1 KBName:  closeup.jpg
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    Finally found something for our vow renewal on 6 Dec at CSS. It's a bridesmaid dress that I ordered in white.

    Attachment 17956

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    Name:  57911-1.jpg
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Size:  53.4 KBName:  57911-3.jpg
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    This is my dress I'm getting married at CSA on New Year's Eve.

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    I ordered this bridesmaid's dress, in white, for my December 1 wedding at CSA!

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    Here's the dress I chose for our 4/16/13 wedding at CN. I especially love the skirt and can't wait to see how it looks blowing in the breeze on the beach!

    Name:  DressFront.JPG
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Size:  31.9 KBName:  DressBack.JPG
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    CN - April 2011
    CN Weddingmoon - April 2013
    CN - May 2015

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