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    Default Private Transportation to CN?

    I am looking for a driver/car that can drive my wife and I to CN from the airport. We were at CN in April and I was miserable in the van stuffed into the seat behind the driver with my knees in my chest. I know some people like to stop along the way but I prefer to just go directly to the resort and get started. I really wanted to do Timair but my wife is deathly afraid of flying on small planes. We are returning Nov. 28th. Anyone that could help I would appreciate it.

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    When we visited CTI in January, we were disappointed to learn that TimAir had lost our reservation and that there wouldn't be plane available for about an hour. My husband spoke to a Couples employee, and he quickly arranged for a private transfer. We had a van to ourselves, and my husband told the driver that we weren't interested in making any stops, so we drove straight to CTI.
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    We were at the "R" next door to CN this past summer and used Alfred's for private transfer for my husband, son and I. He only charges $50.00 each way and is professional and quite personable.

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    How long is the trip without any stops? Sounds like a nice idea.

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    Thanks for the help!! LoriB27 do you have any contact information for Alfred's? Pamela do you know if you can arrange a private transfer from Couples?

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