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    Does anyone know if the dive boat at CN has been repaired or when it will be back up and running? We are planning our January trip and the diving is the deal killer. Last year's trip was canceled since we were to arrive the morning after the Haiti earthquake and that would have messed up the diving (according to the weather channel at least, we never found out if people dove those weeks or not). We have other options but would really prefer to go back to CN this time.

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    Oh Wow! I didn't know the boat was down. We are going Dec 5th. Anyone recently there know?

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    CN Dive boat
    Hi folks,
    We were at CN the first week in Feb. The Swept Away boat was off the water at this time.
    On each dive the CN boat picked up the Swept Away crew and divers and we all went off for great dives.
    i am sure that if the CN dive boat is off the water the Swept Away boat will help out.
    Maybe Randymon or someone can confirm this.

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    My wife and I were in CN in April and the scuba boat broke down. They had us use the glass bottom boat for the whole week. Which was a pain and very cramped but it worked out and we were able to dive every day still. The CSA boat was up and running but they never came to CN to take us out. I will be back in November and sure hope it is up and running for that trip!!

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    Swept Aways boat was damaged in Nicole also.

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