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    Default Proposing At CTI

    Hi All, My girlfriend and I are going to CTI in a couple months. We are both 21 and think CTI is going to be perfect for us. I am going to ask her to marry me but I can't decide if I should do it before the trip or while we are there?

    There are pros and cons to both but I am leaning towards doing it while at CTI. My question is, what is the best place and/or time to do it at CTI? I have some ideas but since I have never been I am wondering if any one has any suggestions?

    We do a lot of traveling with friends, and this is going to be one of the only times we are traveling alone, that is why I think this is the perfect opportunity.


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    ohhhh! Do it on the beach at sunset! How exciting! could do it during a romantic dinner. I'm sure some of the waitstaff would be more than happy to help you figure something out if you wanted them to present the ring in a desert or something. Have a great time!

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    Cute! Do it the first night, so you can enjoy the rest of the trip as an engaged couple! It will be memorable! Congrats!

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    Go to the wedding gazebo. Tell her that you think it's the perfect place for the two of you to marry.
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    Congratulations and what a romantic thing to do. I've never been to CTI so I can't help with that part but I think it is so SWEET to see things like this and hope you can find something that will be perfect and memorable for both of you!

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    Do it while at CTI! My now husband proposed while we were in Jamaica on the first trip. He waited until after dinner while we were sitting alone on the balcony, looking out over the moonlit water. He didn't have a ring so he used a ring of his, which was too big, but it didn't matter. It was perfect... (and I preferred later being able to pick out the ring I wanted) The next morning the first people to know were all our new resort friends. Our friends and family back home had to wait. lol.
    We returned to Jamaica and were married at CSA. Jamaica for the proposal... wedding... now 3rd anniversary. It's a great habit to set
    I haven't been to CTI yet, but the beach at sunset, or alone in the gazebo both sound very romantic!

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    Default proposal

    Get ahold of Randymon! Love letter or an ice sculpture proposal! No matter what, do it at CTI! You could hide a ring in a shell on the beach! Then go for a walk.....

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    If you travel with the ring, I'd suggest you put it in an envelope or bag or something that you can have in your pocket... dropping a jewelry box into the bin at security will be a dead giveaway.

    Other than that, congrats! I proposed to my now fiance after a sleigh ride when we were in Montana skiing last February... I think I "checked the luggage" in the car every gas stop cause I was worried that I'd lose the ring. Then on the sleigh ride, I was worried I'd lose the ring in the snow, I had to drag her to a lighted area before telling her the things I wanted to say and dropping to my knee. She was totally caught off guard. I had to recite my lines again to her the next day..

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    make sure you wait until you get there. Every woman dreams of that day. On the beach at sunset would be beautiful. Ask one of the couples staff to take a picture of you and your girl with the sunset, then get down on one knee!! You will treasure those photos forever

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    The staff at CTI are fabulous for helping with surprises like this. When you get to the resort talk to them and they can help arrange a very special time for the two of you. Perhaps the private dinner on the beach with a special desert with the ring in the desert. They have wonderful ideas. Check with them when you get there, but I agree with everyone to do it at the resort. You can also call the resort before you get there to set something up or get ideas.
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    Default My proposal

    I live in Virginia Beach and my fiance proposed to me at sunset. He wrote "Marry me?" in the sand when I wasn't paying attention and then got down on one knee. It was PERFECT! Good luck!

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    If your girlfriend reads the message board, you just blew the surprize element. LOL

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    The sax player plays at sunset several times a week at CTI from what I remember. It's very romantic when he's doing that. See if you can find out when and where he's there and you'll even have background music.

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    Jack from LA (Props).........definitely wait until you get there. You need to figure out the best way to get the ring there "undetected". I don't know if that means carrying it and hoping she does not see it when you board through security or packing it in your luggage. I really don't see the problem with the latter, but do what you think is best.

    My biggest suggestion is to contact Maxine Williams at CTI. She is the guest relations manager. Not only can she be of help to you, but she will cherish the opportunity to make this the most memorable act of your life. I contacted her several years ago and through her and her staff, I arranged a very special (some would say over the top), private beach dinner as a suprise for my wife. With her help, you will truly be limited only by your own imagination....... I obviously can't say enough about her. If you want some of the details about our beach dinner, contact me at and I will be glad to share with you.
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    Thanks for the help everyone. Tell me, Billy, How does one contact Maxine ahead of time? We aren't traveling to CTI until march but I need to make sure every thing goes as seamless as possible. I am a stickler for detail!!

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