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    Default private transfer service

    We will be traveling to CN after getting married at one of the "S" resorts in Montego Bay (Jan 3). Rather than taking the free "S" shuttle to the airport to hook up with the free Couples shuttle, does anyone have a transfer service they have used and recommend?

    I have already received a quote from Clive's Transport Service for $85 (private car) - but I'm not sure if they are reputable? I'd like to try out TimAir but FI doesn't want to pay that much :-(

    Thanks in advance!

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    We used Galaxy Tours to get from CN to Montego Bay. They arrived on time and it was a Lincoln Town car and everything was fine! I have no idea of cost however as it was part of our flight package with Virgin Atlantic. Email Galaxy for a quote!

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    Clives is great. Very reputable and been around for quite a few years. I think they may be the best priced as well but I'd never use them for Couples - spend the $85 on a tour or something - you may have just a few others on your shuttle and it only takes 1 hr. 15 min. to get there. Seems like a waste of $$ to me.

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    We used Alfred's this past June when staying at a "family resort". He was only $50.00 each way; very professional and personable gentleman.

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    Janette - Galaxy is $220!! Definitely going to pass on them but thanks for the tip!

    Kathy - do you know if there is anything we need to do to gain access to the Couples lounge at the airport, as we will have already been in Jamaica for a few days? Do we have to let them know we will be arriving via "S" shuttle rather than an incoming flight?

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    You might look into TimAir.

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    I didn't read your original post correctly. I think you should contact Couples and check with them to see if they'd be willing to pick you up at the S resort in Montego Bay and take you directly to Couples. It can't hurt to ask and they are very accommodating. It's worth a shot especially if you ask them to pick you up early in the day before things at the airport get too busy.

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    We have done this in reverse. Stayed at CSA took the shuttle back to the airport then took the 'S' shuttle to Ochi. Just call Couples and ask. All we had to do is ask one of the attendants to go in and get a 'S' rep, they came out, checked us in and we boarded the shuttle. You do have to get off at the arrival area, not the departure. We had no issues.

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