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    Default CN or CSA / CTI or CSS

    We went to CTI in May last year and love it!! We espically loved the AN Island. Can anyone give me the run down on the other resorts?

    CN i've been reading there is no pool but you can go AN in part of the ocean? They have a bar but they don't bring over food for lunch time? So you have to get dressed and go back to eat? What other AN ativities take place?

    CSA so what i've been reading there is NOT a AN section anywhere on the resort? Can any one confirm that? The place looks amazing but we like the AN option.

    CSS what's that place all about. would you recommend it? is it nicer then CTI?

    CTI was great.....maybe not the best place to start since it seems hard to compare.

    We are looking at Aug 23, 2011 for our honeymoon, so any help anyone can give us would be awesome or if you have pics you could send I can give you my email.

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    kateland - We sent you an e-mail giving you our thoughts on the 4 Couples resorts, and pictures of our trip to CSS. Hope you got them!!

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    Hey Karen..we want the info too!!!

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    Default Pics and info

    I would be interested as well. Thanks!

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    Default Au Naturel: CN or CSA

    The AN area at CN is quite convenient, we thought. You're about a 30 second walk to Casava Terrace, which serves all three meals with a decent variety of food/drink (plus, there's a bar on the Terrace). It's about the same amount of time to go to the other side of the pool and eat at the Beach Grille(another bar), as well. 'Dressing' up involved throwing on a cover; for my wife it was only a cover and nothing else! For me, I threw on a t-shirt and shorts only. Both of us wore sandals/flip flops. We'd sun bathe a couple of hours, 'dress' up, go eat lunch, and return. There is a bar at the AN area, but it doesn't serve all of the alcohol available at the other resort bars (I prefer top shelf single malt scotch, which was at the other bars). At the back of the AN area there is a whirlpool/hot tub, which seems to be used almost exclusively by those using that area. We used it at night too, as it seemed to be a well-kept secret to most others(we had a beachfront room by the AN area and never saw anyone else using it!). Not sure what you mean by 'other AN activities'; between sunning, swimming, lounging in the water on a floatie w/drink, and/or conversing with others, what more could you want?
    Enjoy CN's AN beach. It was our first time and we will never 'go back' to the regular beach.
    Westmore, VT

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    Default CTI v CSS v CN

    Each of the AN areas offer something different. My wife and I have been to all three more tan a few times. CTI is great more of a large party, very social but it seem slightly younger and the biggest problem we found was an inability to get out to the island if it is windy. We spent a week @ CTI once and could only get to the island twice. As a result we moved to CSS for the rest of our vacation. CSS has a larger pool and is the largest of the three AN areas. We found CSS to be our favorite. There is a large beach area in addition to the pool, lunch is brought out to the area each day, and is still a very social area. Our least favorite is CN. There is no place to congregate. A bar but no bar stools, no place around the hot tub, and you have to cross the main beach to get to the water. That said we were @ CN this past Aug. and though the AN area wasn't our favorite the food was excellent. I think you have to decide what you are looking for.

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    Can you please include me on your comments/pics about CSS? Thanks

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    gofor18 - Send us an e-mail to and we'll send you lots of information about CSS, and some pictures from our 2 trips!

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    Karen. We went to CSA for our honeymoon about 13 years ago. Would like to return for anniversary If you wouldn't mind copying me on those thoughts and pics, that would be great.

    Thanks, Richard

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    I'm trying to decide between CN and CTI (I've been to CN)...Is there an actual beach with sand on the island? It looks rocky with no I missing something?

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    tanda, you're not missing anything, it is all rocks. But there is a pool on the island. We went to CTI 5 years ago and this time we are trying CN. Trust me, it is nothing aginst was perfect. We just wanted to visit Negril.

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    Is there a beach in the swimsuit area (not out on the UN Island)? I loved the beach w/ flag service at CN but I'm wanting to add to my Couples experience by going to a new Couples...decisions decisions!!!

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    Default info

    Hello Karen do you think you could send me that info please .We are thinking of going back to couples but do not know which one to try .We spent the perfect 2 weeks in CTI in august 2009.
    Thanks in anticipation

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    davidnic - Sure, we'd love to send you the information and pictures of CSS. Send us an e-mail to, and we'll write right back!

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    hi been to both cti and cn both great no beach on island great beach at cn and hot tub to have a chat

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