We went to CTI in May last year and love it!! We espically loved the AN Island. Can anyone give me the run down on the other resorts?

CN i've been reading there is no pool but you can go AN in part of the ocean? They have a bar but they don't bring over food for lunch time? So you have to get dressed and go back to eat? What other AN ativities take place?

CSA so what i've been reading there is NOT a AN section anywhere on the resort? Can any one confirm that? The place looks amazing but we like the AN option.

CSS what's that place all about. would you recommend it? is it nicer then CTI?

CTI was great.....maybe not the best place to start since it seems hard to compare.

We are looking at Aug 23, 2011 for our honeymoon, so any help anyone can give us would be awesome or if you have pics you could send I can give you my email. kateland31@hotmail.com