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    Default NOVEMBER 2011 Anyone?

    So I know of two other couples getting married at CSA in november of next year.. Ours is 11/11/11 next year what about you? (391 days to go as of today..)

    Great new tool... has anyone else created a wedding website on
    Our wedding is posted there and it is super easy. You can build it very easily -- it's great to keep family and friends up to date.. I've posted on there all of the room information (I put links to swept away on there to so family can check out the site and once they do they seem to want to book!
    Check it out if you want!!

    Dress shopping done yet? Anyone found anything? I'm struggling.. I know it'll be a beach wedding but I'm not sure what type of dress I really want.. Anyone found anything yet?
    I'm super excited.. It can't get here fast enough!

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    why don't you join on us on the anyone 2011 thread!

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    I am also getting married on 11/11/11 at CSA... What time is your wedding? Mine is 10am!

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    We are also getting married on 11/11/11 but at CTI. Best of luck to you both!!!

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    R&R we are the 4pm wedding..
    have you gotten your dress yet? Are you doing the party that night on the beach?

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    my advice for dress shopping is to just go in and try on every type of dress. I thought i knew what i wanted but i ended up with something totally different. I think that beach weddings are so different that you can dress it up with a crazy fansy dress and nice suits or you could keep is casual with a plain flowy dress. As long as you feel comfortable with what you choose, that is the most important

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahdc123 View Post
    R&R we are the 4pm wedding..
    have you gotten your dress yet? Are you doing the party that night on the beach?
    I have not even started looking for my dress yet! I am waiting until at least March of 2011. I am slowly but surely losing weight, so hopefully I will be quite a bit thinner then!

    We are having our reception at the beach party that night! Are you as well?

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    Yes we reserved a big section at the beach party! I'm super excited. I havne't gotten a dress yet, I don't know what to wear... like Ashntommy said you can do anything! I know kevin wants to be relaxed... but I the frilly pretty dresses are sooo cute!
    R&R 11/11/11- I am also losing a few pounds.. weight watchers and a trainer are my way to lose. I know I don't have to be perfect but I have tried on dresses a few times and now I want to wait until i'm a bit smaller and then go again. I was checking out all of the photo's online here for wedding dress ideas! love them all everyone looks sooo pretty!

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