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    Default Our Wedding at CSA (link to photos)

    Hiya! We had so much fun at CSA September 1-15th 2010. I had included links to our wedding slideshow by Stacey Clarke and also we had Carey Wallace videotape a live wedcast to broadcast to our friends and family who could not make it. We also had the resort make a wedding video which turned out lovely as well. Please let me know if you have any questions I can answer!

    One Love.

    Jen & Ian Bonner
    Seattle, WA

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    beautiful pictures

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    Default great photos

    Loved the way they were layed out. Was that the resort or private photographer??
    We're going in January to CTI.
    Scott and Jen
    Bremerton WA

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    I love your photo's!!! did you bring in the photographer? how much did you get charged? Sorry I'm just soo up in the air about the photographers there.. I'm not sure what to believe.. were yours all a photographer brought in? Or a friend taking them?

    And you are a very lovely bride..!! Congraulations!
    I'm getting married at CSA on 11/11/11- so I have a lot of decisions to start making!
    Thanks- Sarah

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    Your pics are beautiful. Stacey is sooo awesome. Your pics helped me to remember my went so quick, I feel like it didn't even happen.

    Just curious to how long it took you to get your pictures and slideshow back from Stacey. She did our pictures 10.23.10. She was great! I'm just really excited to get our pics back since I can barely remember r wedding day since I was on cloud 9. Anyway. Any help you can offer would be great (so maybe I won't go outta my mind wondering bout things r bugging Stacey--cuz I know how busy she stays). Thanks!

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