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    Default Tomato Jalapeno Dip & CSA

    Just returned from an amazing trip to CSA. Like everyone else, we loved the sweet potato chips and dips served at Sea Grapes. Does anyone have the actual recipe for the tomato jalapeno dip?

    I asked one of the cooks and he said it included the following:
    sun dried tomatoes
    cream cheese

    I could experiment but if anyone can confirm the complete list of ingredients and proportions that would be great!

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    Default chips

    Those sound yummy can't wait to try them. We're going in Feb.

    Did you happen to take the cat over to Rick's?

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    Default Tomato Jalapeno Dip Recipe

    Here is an unofficial (but pretty darn close) Tomato Jalapeno Dip recipe based on what is served at Sea Grapes, CSA:

    8 oz cream cheeses, softened
    3 tbspns sundried tomato spread (I used "California Sun Dry" brand)
    2 tbspns finely chopped jalapenos (I used jarred jalapenos, rather than fresh, for the added flavor of the vinegar)
    1 tspn jalapeno juice
    1 tspn salt
    2 cloves garlic, crushed

    Mix all ingredients together until thoroughly combined. Can adjust amounts of tomato and jalapeno to taste. Let chill several hours or overnight before serving to let flavors combine.

    Serve with Sweet Potato chips (there are some tasty ones in the natural food section of our grocery store, or make your own!), or veggie sticks.

    I served this at a party and it got rave reviews. So even if it's not the exact Couple's recipe, it at least tastes good!


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