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    Default can I tip resort photographer?

    I am sure this has been asked before, but is the "resort" photographer an employee of the resort? I am planning on tipping our minister for our wedding @ CTI next month, but was unsure if I was allowed to tip photographer as well.

    Also, sort of a dumb question, but when do you tip? I was thinking about leaving thank you cards with tips in them at the front desk (along with gift for the wedding coordinator). I know, I know, I'm over planning!

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    I was wondering about this SAME thing. Have you found out from anyone yet? Maybe emailing Debbie would be a good idea...

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    I was told you can as they are not employees, they are outside contractors.

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    I'm not so sure they are outside contractors. At least our resort photographer I believe was a resort employee. We were trying to find out if we could tip LaToya @ cti...

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    I was told that photographers are not employees. They belong to Aquasun I believe. That is why when you hire an outside photogarpher you have to pay the $500 vendor fee, because Couples has an agrrement/contract with the company.

    You cannot tip the wedding co-ordinator she is an employee, you can give her a gift though.

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    Yes. I tipped the resort photographer and he was very pleased. They're outside contractors and it's allowed. I brought a small gift for the wedding coordinator as you can't tip them.

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