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    I spent my Honeymoon at CSA and fell in love with the Couples atmosphere. We decided to try CTI this year. I know the beach is smaller. From the pictures it looks like there is a lot of sea weed. Anyone have any information on how much seaweed is present and depth to the swim ropes? Is there a lot of sea life around the resort Thank you.

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    I was there from 10-3 to 10-10 and there was not one day where there was seaweed taking over the beach. Infact I never even saw seaweed on the beach or close to the shore. The water was always clean and you can go as deep as you would like. You don't just have to stay in the roped off portion of it either. We were always outside the ropes to the right. There are just more rocks on the ocean floor there, but you can see straight to the bottom so you know what you are stepping on.

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    The stuff on the bottom starts outside the swim ropes. About 6 feet deep at that point.

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    The ocean at CTI does have more seaweed than CSA (which has none). I didn't find it too 'gross', but I do prefer the Negril side of the island. I can't remember how deep it was to the ropes, but I think it was similar to the depth at CSA. There is a cool round floatie thingy (technical term) that is stationed in the ocean at CTI that is fun to swim out to and climb on and sunbathe.
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    We just got back from CTI and in the roped off area I didn't not see any seaweed. Just FYI, the whole vibe at CTI is different than at CSA. Not bad, just different. We had lots of fun and the entertainment staff really gets fun going at the swim up bar in the afternoons. Have fun!

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    Default Sea Life at CTI

    If you like snorkeling, swim out to the reef around TI. The corals are fantastic. If you are not a strong swimmer, stay on the bay side of the reef.

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