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Thread: Mini-Bars at CN

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    Default Mini-Bars at CN

    can anyone tell me if all rooms at CN have a Mini-Bar

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    Yes, they do.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    All the rooms at CN have a mini bar. When you click on CN at the top and you can look at the accomodations down on the left, you will see mini bar listed under each category. CN IS GREAT!

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    And just a heads up...the bottles are full size not the little airline bottles! LOVE CN!!!

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    all room categories now have the mini bar, and it's great! We got the tip on this MB to make sure to simply ask for Red Stripe beer otherwise they will give you Carib or something else ... if you're like my hubby and I we prefer to drink Red Stripe when we are in Jamaica!!

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    Mini bars are great at CN except for one thing. I want Red Stripe in my refrigerator too but it all depends on the person who comes in to stock it. Some will give you Red Stripe and others will only give you Caribe. This is no big deal though. You can get a cold Red Stripe everywhere else!

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    lst time we were there - all rooms had mini-bars. The only thing we couldn't get that we wanted was coconut rum - we got some at the gift shop with the resort money and kept it in our room. We rarely used the mini bar except for soda and water to take to the beach

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    The mini bar is great...and yes, we always ask for Red Stripe. And rum and ting....delicious!!

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    So every room has a fridge is what you're saying right? I'm really sorry to ask such a dumb question but my wife needs to put her insulin in a fridge so I need to be sure.

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    Yes, every room has a fridge.

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