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    Default CSS Beach Barbeque and Gala Night

    I apologize as I am sure this has been asked 100's of times....what night is Beach Barbeque Night and Gala Night at Sans Souci?

    Thanks very much,

    Ruth (counting down the days to our first Couples ever.....Dec. 4for 13 nights - yahoo!)

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    Beach Party is Tuesday night; Gala is Friday night.

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    The Beach Party is on the Tuesday night, and the Gala is on Friday night, both are amazing events!! The CSS staff work so hard to make those evenings very special for the guests.

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    The Beach Barbie/party is on Tuesday nights and the Starlight Gala is on Friday nights.

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    The Beach Party is on Tuesday, and the Gala is on Friday. Both are spectacular.

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    On the dining link for CSS ( scroll down to the "extras" section. It has those listed and more.

    We'll be right behind you at the end of December. 2nd trip to CSS.
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    The beach BBQ is Tuesdays; the Starlight Gala is Fridays.

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    Tuesday Beach Party - Friday Gala
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer

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    What time do they start, we arrive from the UK on a Tuesday night and I wonder whether we will actually miss it. Maybe the night to order room service. I think our flight arrives at about 4.30pm, I was estimating with customs and the trip that we would get there until about 8.30. Any other brits out there used the same flight and have an idea what time we will arrive. Coming via Virgin to Montego Bay.

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    If your flight arrives at 4:30 Jamaican time, you should be at the resort between 7 and 7:30. The Beach Party begins at 7:00. You should be there in time to enjoy the evening's food and entertainment!! Enjoy!! You will love it.

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