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    Default CSS Staff - Help please :)

    We are so looking forward to our return 'home' - this will be our 4th visit! We arrive on 20th December and are staying until 4th December.

    Over our previous visits, we have grown fond of some of the staff and in partiular would like to know if the following are still there:

    * Ewart - In-room Dining Manager
    * Marvin - Watersports (used to be at the Mineral Pool)
    * Kevin - waiter at Pallazina

    If anyone could help, we would be ever so grateful

    Many thanks

    Alli and Robbie

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    Marvin was at the mineral pool last November. We are hoping he is still there when we return next week-


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    He was at the mineral pool two weeks ago, what a nice fellow!

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