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    Default Is Hurricane Paula trying to mess with my Honeymoon?!

    so we have really been watching this storm closely. what do you guys think...should i be worried?!


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    Do you realize the 'cone' is over Cuba and not Jamaica?
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I'm going to be there on the 23rd and am also concerned. We cancelled a trip a couple of weeks ago because of the tropical storm and now we may have to deal with Paula....grrrrr..

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    This is hurricane season so unfortunately it's a risk you have to accept. Although things can change, Paula doesn't appear to be a threat to Jamaica at the moment.

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    lol...the map i posted auto updates...the first one i posted had the storm reaching jamaica sunday.


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    RLL #3; Do not believe weather reports. I saw last week where people were canceling their vacation to CSS this week because of probable storms all week. We were rained on Saturday and Sunday. Been beautiful since!!

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    Everything I've heard said it won't affect Jamaica...

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    Fortunately this is a complete non-issue for Jamaica.

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