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    Default which is the best floor at the beach front ocean deluxe?

    Hi everyone,
    i need some help!!! i'm going to CN in Nov, 2010. I have a ocean deluxe beach front and i'm not sure whice floor to stay. i like the bottom cause its just a walk to the beach. My wife likes the 3rd floor cause no one can see in. when we stay at CSW last year we had the bottom floor and it was great. so can our couples family help us make this choice. if u have pictures please post them.

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    Depending upon how full the resort is, you might not have a choice of floors. If you do, it's really a matter of preference; there isn't a "best" floor. It sounds like you and your wife have different preferences, so it's really an issue for the two of you to resolve between yourselves.

    BTW, there is no such room classification as "ocean deluxe beach front." There are, however, "deluxe ocean" and "deluxe beachfront" classifications.
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    I think you have the positive and negative within your post. I, too, like to walk right out my patio and go to the beach or the restaurant....but if you are on your patio, there is a lack of privacy......flip a coin

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    rcgoofy68, you will be assigned a room when you get there, once you get to your room, if you DON'T like it, you can see if something else is available but you cannot request aheaad of time. I think it is better if you go in without a preconceived notion of where you want to be. We went last year and I thought I "knew" which building I would prefer. We didn't get that choice but said "let's go and see what the room is like anway" We did and fell in love with it. As far as floor goes, you can't request that ahead of time either but that is really a personal preference. We like the third floor and don't mind the steps. Some like first for exactly what you said, stepping right onto the beach. No one can really pick that for you. Wait until you get there and see before you make a decision. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised. Much more fun that way anyway.

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