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    Default HELP!!!! Need to find out what kind of mattress we had as CSA

    My husband and I stayed at CSA last month and he never once had issues with his back hurting like he does at home. We are trying to figure out what brand/type of mattress it is. Can anyone help us PLEASE????????

    His happiness depends on it...

    Thanks so much - Nichole

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    Are you sure it was the mattress and not just the fact that you were at CSA?

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    The Martini Bar might have had something to do with it.

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    I believe they use the sames ones as The Flintstones, at least that's what all of the ones we have slept on there felt like. Try getting one that is extra firm or an air mattress so you can make it as firm as you want.

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    I tend to agree with the tongue-in-cheek posters above, in that it is most likely the fact that your husband had less to no stress, along with the fact that a long day under the sun would have helped you to sleep a deeper sleep. I'm sure the liquid refreshments help also.
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    I'm with you Nichole- and you can take the alcohol out of the equation. I like a bed that is ohh just slightly softer than a rock, and hubby likes those disgusting squishy soft beds...but we both agree on the mattress AND pillows at Couples.
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