Hello All,
We will be arriving at Couples for the first time on October 30. We are so looking forward to this trip. This message board is awesome. Originally I had planned on requesting if a particular building was available at check in but so many people have said that, especially as first timers, to just go with whatever we get. I think that we are going to just go with the flow and see what we get. This may be a stupid question but does anyone recall what types of Vodka Couples Negril has? Do you recall any of the brands and do they have flavored vodkas, like Stoli Orange? My fiance is all set because he drinks Miller Lite but I was wondering what kind of Vodka there was since it has been mentioned that top shelf liquor is there.
Thanks for all of the wonderful and informative postings. This message board and the information and opinions expressed here was what made us decide that Couples would be the place to go.