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    Default Impact of Hurricane Paula to CN?

    My fiance and I are planning a scuba vacation to Couple Negril from November 4 - 11 to scout out the resort as a possible wedding destination next year but we have heard that one of the boats sank. Does anyone know whether the diving conditions have been affected and whether the CN has been affected?

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    Default Scuba

    My hubby and I were there Oct. 2nd thru the 9th and Tropical Storm Nicole had just been through there the week before our arrival. The CN Scuba Boat was affected in the storm and had to go in for repairs. As a result my husband only got to dive 3 times in that week. They were using the Glass Bottom Boat for the scuba trips which hubby said was not real good but it was better than not diving at all. By the time you go they should have everything back up and running. Enjoy CN, it is wonderful!

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    Offical word from dive centre is....
    "..for now until further notice we are only having 1 dive for certified divers per day since our dive boat is out of service due to the storm we had last week."

    I think the CN dive boat was damaged (beached). It was another person on this MB that said it was the snorkel boat that sank.

    You know I want to hear what you and Scott think of CN.


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